Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY Bachelorette Tank Tops

Hey all!  If you didn't already know for my Bachelorette Party the girls and I went on a 3 day cruise.  I wanted to get something super cutesy for my gal pals to strut around in.  I wanted them all to match so that everyone on the cruise knew that we meant business!  I looked around online for cute bachelorette tanks and all were at least $17 PER tank top.  Considering I needed a total of 5+, that would have cost me around $85 not including the shipping and tax. Soooo not gonna happen.

I opted for a more affordable option, DIY.  I had some stencils around the house, a paintbrush and acrylic paint.  First I layed out the letters on the Tank top and taped the edges so that when I began painting, they would hold in place.  Add some glitter, let it dry, and you have yourself HANDMADE bachelorette tanks that are not only affordable ($5 per tank + paint (already had) + paintbrush) but UNIQUE and one of a kind!   Total cost per shirt if you didn't already have paint and paintbrushes would probably come out to around $6 each, totaling to $30 for 5 shirts.

COST if I were to buy these     $85
COST I actually spent            -  $30
Total saved:                            $55

I also had an idea to make some matching tote bags the girls could take to the pool on our cruise.  I found these plain bags at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each.  What a steal, right?  Add some paint with the help of a few stencils and BOOM - you got yourself a cute, unique bag for the girls to take by the pool.

{I found some cute ones online that were @ minimum $15 per bag.  That would have cost me @ least $75, but because I did them myself, it only cost me $10 for a total of 5 bags!

The fabulous shirts in action:

My gorgeous bridesmaid in her tank!

The ladies before the cruise!!

Entire project (Shirt + Bag)
If I would have purchased:    $160
Actual cost I paid:                    $  40
Amount saved:                      $120

I think I'm going to like this whole DIY stuff.

Here is what I put inside of the bags for the girls:
*Personalized coozie (via Etsy)
*Clear Plastic Mason Jars filled with Advil, Bachelorette name tags, beads & whistles, and penis straws of course!
*Personalized tank tops 
*Personalized fake "boarding passes" with our cruise schedule
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P.S. Two more days till our wedding!!! EEEEEeeeekkkkKKK!!!

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  1. Those are super cute! You girls look fabulous!

  2. This is such a fun & cute idea!


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